Jirapa FM, a prominent radio station in the Jirapa municipality with extensive coverage across the Upper West Region and parts of Burkina Faso and La Cote d’Ivoire, has announced the launch of its latest program, “PARLONS FRANCAIS” (LET’S SPEAK FRENCH). The inaugural broadcast took place on February 4, 2024, marking a significant addition to the station’s diverse array of community-centered programs.

The new program, scheduled every Sunday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, is set to be led by Mr. Martin Bayuo, a seasoned French teacher at St. Francis Junior High School. In an effort to encourage French language proficiency, “PARLONS FRANCAIS” aims to provide a platform for listeners to learn and practice French, fostering better communication with neighboring countries.

Jirapa FM, known for its commitment to community development through broadcasting, already hosts various programs such as Personality Profile, Health, Agriculture, Climate Change, You and the Law and Family Life programs among others.

Mr. Martin Bayuo, the program’s instructor, expressed the significance of the initiative, stating that “PARLONS FRANCAIS” seeks to empower individuals to comprehend and converse in French confidently. He emphasized that the program is not only intended for those studying the language but also for anyone interested in connecting with friends and relatives from French-speaking countries.

With the Upper West Region surrounded by French-speaking nations, Burkina Faso to the North and Cote d’Ivoire to the West, the program holds the potential to enhance communication and cultural understanding between communities in the region and their French-speaking neighbors. Mr. Bayuo highlighted the program’s role in aiding Ghanaian students studying French, providing them with practical language skills for academic success.

As the launch unfolded, the audience exhibited enthusiasm and curiosity, with many expressing eagerness to learn basic French greetings and everyday phrases. The program promises to not only contribute to individual language development but also strengthen ties between communities within and beyond Ghana’s borders.

In keeping with Jirapa FM’s vision of “changing lives through broadcasting,” “PARLONS FRANCAIS” stands out as a unique and inclusive addition to the station’s lineup, offering a valuable opportunity for cultural exchange and linguistic enrichment within the local community and beyond.


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