Wa Sore Nante are poised to lay claims of the Upper West Regional Division Two League (DOL) after topping the league table in the last two matches.

Their decisive 4-0 victory over Wa Sombo Freedom Stars catapulted them to the lead, diminishing the prospects of Wa Sombo Freedom Stars who were previously leading the pack.

Analysis have shown that competing teams in the league need from 10 or 11 points or more to stay competitive in the league.

As it stands, two teams, Kowie Eva Stars and Real 24 Hours FC, have been eliminated from title contention.

Four teams, Wa Sore Nante, Wa Sombo Freedom Stars, Malima FC, and T.F Exponential FC, still stand a chance to come tops in the league.

Among these contenders, Wa Sore Nante stand a chance to come up heads as they are two clear points ahead of their closest contender with eight points.

Clenching a vital winner in their next engagement will ensure Wa Sore Nante securing 11 points that puts them in the driver’s seat.

In the event of a draw by Wa Sore Nante and two wins from either Wa Sombo Freedom Stars, Malima FC, or T.F Exponential FC, there would be playoffs between those three teams which would be sharing nine points apiece.

Based on current standings and upcoming fixtures, Wa Sore Nante is poised to claim the title, especially as they face Real 24 Hours FC, a team no longer in contention.

The next team with a significant chance to win the league is T.F Exponential FC. Despite also having 6 points, their prospects look brighter since they play their final match against Kowie Eva Stars, another team out of the running.

Wa Sombo Freedom Stars and Malima FC will face each other on the last day of the season, with the winner also staying in the hunt for the league title.

For Wa Sombo Freedom Stars, Malima FC, or T.F Exponential FC to win the league, Wa Sore Nante would have to lose their final match.


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