After some fire outbreaks in the Jirapa Municipality there has been yet another at the Jirapa Zongo area which emanated from a thatch shade torched by a minor from fire her mother was cooking a meal with.

According to a Fire Officer who incidentally got to the scene when the shelter was ablaze, the mother of the minor was trying to manage the fire although the Fire Station is less than 15 meters away from the fire scene.

The ravaged fire scene.

The said fire officer is said to have managed the fire by removing some electrical fuses from an electricity service pole and called for assistance from the fire station.Although a Mercedes Benz car, a lawn mower and parts of the electricity service pole were burnt beyond repair, nearby houses who did not have their inhabitants around were saved through the swift action of the Fire Service.

Personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service in Jirapa are complaining about the attitude of residents towards fire safety especially with the support of the local radio stations yet the much sort for attitudinal change remains elusive.


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