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Jirapa FM is a registered trade name of Sintal Multimedia Limited. Jirapa FM is a commercial radio station operating within Jirapa Municipality and its environs. It is established to highlight the major development issues concerning Jirapa Municipality and beyond. It is a platform for various stakeholders in development to engage and discuss critical development issues. Key among these issues is to create the appropriate platform for selling Jirapa to the world through Jirapafm’s digital media platforms.
We strive to
a) Highlight the positive attributes of Jirapa Municipality
b) Engage various stakeholders in development to discuss critical developmental issues
c) Market and project Jirapa Municipality to the World
d) Engage in 25% English Broadcast and 75% Local language Broadcast
e) Devise and introduce innovative broadcast programs
f) Entertain, Inform and Educate listeners

Call us on +233 39 209 7629