The increase in intensity of harmattan conditions across the country is likely to affect human health especially respiratory conditions.

Harmattan conditions are associated with dry and dusty weather conditions which can adversely affect respiratory health especially people who already have underlying conditions such as asthma.

In a press release from the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) jointly signed by Dr. Frank Serebuor and Dr. Richard Serlomey, it is cautioning Ghanaians to be mindful of activities that could hamper their health during the season.

The GMA is urging Ghanaians to wear nose masks frequently, stay indoors as much as possible and to drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration.

It is also urging people with asthmatic conditions to make it a habit of carrying their inhalers everywhere they go.

It is admonishing people who are experiencing cough, painful swallowing, runny nose, chest pains and difficulty in breathing to immediately contact a health facility for professional attention.

The statement is also appealing to people to desist from bush burning and activities that could lead to fire outbreaks.

It is also cautioning of poor visibility and is urging drivers to be extra careful especially on dusty roads and when driving in the night.


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