The National Women’s Organizer of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hidays Ibrahim has tendered in her resignation from the party with effect from February 20th, 2024 in what she says was after a wide range of consultation.

In a press statement dated February 20th, 2024, Ms. Ibrahim says she ceases to be a member of the PNC with effect from the stated date and that she is focusing on her personal political growth and development.

She stated that she has served the PNC in several capacities ranging from parliamentary candidate to regional executive and ultimately National Women’s Organizer.

She believes the timing is “perfect” to pursue other interests.

“It is under the PNC that I had the opportunity to sharpen my political skill and find a solid grounding” the statement further asserted.

” In due course I shall communicate my next steps in politics to the public as the 2024 elections draw near” she hinted.

Ms. Ibrahim says she will however, continue to serve as a youth and gender activist that she has always been and will still be an advocate for the marginalized and underprivileged in society.

It is however not known if the party has accepted the resignation after futile efforts from Jirapa FM to contact them.


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