THE Mirigu Naba has installed six Divisional Chiefs with s Development Chief to advance progressive change in the Mirigu Traditional Area in the Kassena Nakana East Municipality in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The people in a ceremonial event filled with significance of their traditional cultural values, witnessed the President of the Mirigu Traditional Council and Vice President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs, Naba Anonsona Abisa Anthony Atasige III, enthrone six Divisional Chiefs and a Development Chief to spearhead peace and drive development and progressive change in their respective communities towards the achievement of total development in the Mirigu Traditional Area.

The newly installed divisional chiefs and their assigned divisions are Naba Dr. Kenneth Ayuribobi Asaya A-engibise – Kumbusungu Division, Naba Anthony Akanvose Akurugu – Nyongo Division, Naba Thomas Akadolibasoa Azinyim – Gonnum Division.

The rest are Naba Inspector Albert Atongo Azuah – Wolugum Division, Naba Avaaya Aboyinga-Gumongo Divisison, Naba Francis Awineparigiya Anaafo – Pungubiisi Division and Naba David Baba Abemnia Ayelazuno who was installed as the Development Chief (Tinmalgre Naba) of Mirigu Traditional Area.

In the same ceremony, three Queen Mothers were installed who are, Pognaba Lucy Azinyim-Gonnum Division, Pognaba Scholastica Akuntugya-Kumbusungu Divison and Pognaba Selina Atoenyile-Wolugum Division.

The three Queen Mothers are expected to be installed in the incoming week for the Nyongo, Gumongo and Pungubiisi divisions.

During the installation ceremony, the Paramount Chief of the Mirigu Traditional Area emphasized the pivotal role the modern chief has to play as agent of development.

He urged them to foster unity by embracing the other contestants who were not enskinned, and called for collaboration among them for the collective advancement of the Mirigu Traditional Area.

Naba Anonsona Abisa Atasige III was flanked by distinguished chiefs and elders of the Mirigu Traditional Area including Naba Paul Henry Abowine Amenga-Etego, Chief of the Kandiga Division and Naba Atogumzoeya Atuguba, Chief of Nabango Division.

The Paramount Chief advised the newly enskined leaders to desist from indulging in vices undesirable in public places to maintain respect for themselves.

Other royalties who graced the occasion were the Safo Hem of the Oguaa Traditional Area, Barima Nana Akwesi Armah, representatives of the Nkosuohene of Dumasua Traditional Area, Nana Ayebiafo and staff of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs.

In his address, the Mirigu Naba expressed optimism about the future, calling on the newly installed chiefs to work collaboratively to fulfill their roles as catalysts for positive change.

He expressed gratitude to the Development Chief, Naba David Baba Abemnia Ayelazuno, who has provided over seven mechanized boreholes so far in various communities within the traditional area and urged him to continue to lead the development agenda of the people.

Earlier, the Nabango Naba, Naba Atugumzoeya Atuguba, underscored the need for the newly enskinned chiefs to respect the traditions and values of the people of the traditional area.

He cautioned that chieftaincy matters are not like partisan politics therefore, the new chiefs should draw a line between the two.

The Kandiga Naba, Naba Paul Henry Abowine Amenga-Etego, who is the oldest serving chief with over 50 years in the Mirigu Traditional Area, advised the new chiefs to serve in harmony and respect all caliber of people to be able to succeed.

He underscored the need for a united front of all the chiefs in the Mirigu Traditional Area towards a common goal.

The event marked a significant chapter in the history of the Mirigu Traditional Area, signaling a commitment to development and unity under the leadership of the installed chiefs.


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