In a bid to address the growing issue of unemployment among graduates, a group identifying itself as Jirapa Unemployed Graduates are seeking the attention of the authorities, well-meaning individuals and organizations to help alleviate their plight of joblessness.

The group was formed on the 25th of November 2023 and is currently 305 members strong and counting.

These were made known on Jirapa FM’s flagship programme ‘TIYIRIYELLE’ where they were audience after a community cleanup camping which is aimed at creating awareness of their plight and garnering the much needed solutions to the problem.

The group comprises of various categories of graduated with different educational backgrounds made up of 40 degree-holding teachers with licenses, 80 diploma-accredited educators and 45 diploma holders awaiting licensure certificates

The rest are, 20 individuals certified with nursing qualifications (both degree and Community Health Nursing), and 120 high school graduates.

The president of the group, Yendoo David, clarified the group’s non-partisan stance, highlighting their primary aim as a pressure group advocating for employment opportunities across various sectors.

“We seek no political affiliations but are solely dedicated to finding gainful employment,” he stated on the programme on Jirapa FM.

He emphasized on their willingness to collaborate with all stakeholders, including the Municipal Chief Executive, the Member of Parliament, parliamentary candidates, Non Governmental Organizations, and anyone capable of aiding in gaining job placements.

The group underscores its versatility, expressing readiness to contribute skills to sectors like education, healthcare, police, prison, fire and immigration services, local government, the judiciary and any other legal employment opportunities.

Their formation, according to Mr. Yendoo was influenced by a failed recruitment attempt where numerous members were either overlooked or faced exorbitant financial demands for consideration.

“When recruitment portals opened, we applied but found ourselves excluded or coerced into paying exorbitant fees of up to GHC 12,000,” he lamented.

He alleged that there is a high prevalence of favoritism overshadowing qualifications and that “without political connections, it appears impossible to secure employment.”

The group’s Women Organizer, Madam Kpintaatobo Ophelia, echoed these sentiments, citing the emotional toll of depending on families after education. “It’s disheartening to burden our parents after investing in our education, many of us feel despondent facing these challenges,” she expressed.

Taking proactive measures, the group orchestrated the cleanup campaign within Jirapa Municipality, aiming at raising awareness about their plight while engaging local stakeholders to combat the rampant unemployment issue.

We’re committed to engaging the MPs.” she stated.

The Jirapa Unemployed Graduates are determined to press on with their advocacy, hopeful for a positive response from authorities and the community at large to address the pressing issue of joblessness among educated youth in the municipality.



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