A development based association aimed at promoting developmental projects in Duori in the Jirapa Municipality known as the Duori Youth Wing has convened a community durbar to showcase aspiring assembly members and the messages they have for the community and illegible voters ahead of the upcoming District Level Elections for the year 2023.

The Duori Youth Wing believes that as part of a comprehensive development programme for the Duori area the offices of assembly members and unit committees is integral and important for the development of the area because it is the basic link between the community, government and other development partners and well-wishers of Duori.

The forum was graced by traditional rulers, some opinion leaders, community members and the nine contesting candidates made up of seven debutantes and two incumbents, among the nine contesting, and one is going unopposed.

The contestants after a ballot took their turns in outlining their plans for their respective electoral areas which ranged from education to health, to infrastructural development such as electricity, water and irrigation fed activities.

Key among the pledges of the contestants including the unopposed candidate is to work together irrespective of who comes out as winner, to achieve the ultimate goal which is the betterment of the livelihoods of their constituents in particular and Duori and Jirapa Municipality in general.

The Duori Youth Wing through its chairman, Ankantaa Koyiri outlined the various challenges Duori is faced with, saying that the area is lagging behind in terms of basic development amenities especially that during the rainy season all four major roads from Jirapa, Babile, Lawra and Tizza are cut off isolating the area thereby bringing upon the people untold hardships.

Mr. Koyiri mentioned some of these challenges the lack of proper building demarcation from the the Town and Country Planning department, inadequate revenue mobilisation, the absence of a police station, teachers and nurses accommodation, community center and dams for irrigation purposes.

The rest were support for the youth for communal community cleaning exercises, lack of speed ramps in the Duori township, need for the structural uplift of the Duori market and the provision of food storage facilities to deal with post harvest loses.

He urged the assembly members who would be given the nod to champion these courses and entreat endogenous sons and daughters ad all well meaning individuals and organisations to lend their efforts and resources to achieve this feat.

Some of the notable promises made by some assignments include free health insurance registration, sponsorship of biannual meetings, development of sports, accountability to the people through quarterly radio programmes among others.

All the aspirants pledged to work together whether in or out of power and with the Unit Committees to achieve the much needed and deserved development drive.


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