The Member of Parliament for Jirapa Constituency, Cletus Seidu Dapilah says Jennifer Tanganabang Nanfuri do not have money to adopt the constituency in the 2020 general election.

Jennifer Nanfuri is on record to have said that she cuts her support to the NDC in the Jirapa Constituency during the 2020 election after her initial support was not recognized or acknowledged by the party.

According to her she made a request to adopt the constituency through the party’s adopt a polling station or constituency policy during the 2020 election. Party members who adopt a polling station or constituency were expected to support the party with resources to undertake its campaign.

Madam Jennifer says she supported the NDC campaign in the Jirapa constituency with a monthly contribution of GHC500.00 for three months but her support was not acknowledged by the party.

“When I adopted the Jirapa Constituency I sent GHC500.00 every month. I sent three times but I didn’t hear anything from the party and so I advised myself to send the support to where it would be appreciated”.

But reacting to Madam Jennifer Nanfuri’s claim, Mr Dapilah says Jennifer Nanfuri do not have money to adopt a whole constituency.

“Madam Jennifer says she was sending money to support the party campaign and we were not recognizing her and she stopped. You know our party brought a policy of adopt constituencies and polling stations. Our Regional Chairman called me one day and said Jennifer says she wants to adopt Jirapa constituency and I said the Jennifer I know do not have money to adopt a constituency because I don’t know what work she is doing.

Remember, she is my former boss wife. So, she should know I know her financial strength and I can tell a lot about that relationship. So asked Regional Chairman how much she sent and he mentioned that it was GHC500.00 and I said no, I will not accept that”.

But in a swift response, Madam Jennifer Nanfuri dismissed the MP’s claim of knowing her financial strength.

“What I’ll tell Cletus is that he doesn’t know anything about my finances. Ask him what work he has done. If not Dr Bawaana where would he has been to be talking about my financial strength. If not, Dr Bawaana who did you know in Accra to become MCE? Are you aware Dr Bawaana called me? Do you know how you became a DCE? Do you know how you became a NADMO Coordinator? When you sleep always pray for Dr Bawaana. If my husband can help you to stand on your feet, you’re the last person to be talking about my financial strength”.

According to Madam Jennifer Nanfuri the Member of Parliament is too small in the party to stop someone from adopting a constituency.



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