The Upper West Regional branch of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), the umbrella association of lawyers in Ghana has donated some valuables and food stuff to the Lassia Tuolu Senior High School in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region.

The President of the Association, Lawyer Ubeidu Siddique, disclosed this during a radio interview on “Upper West Connect” programme on SungMaale FM with Nuhu Sualah.

According to Lawyer Ubeidu Siddique, a fire ravaged a structure which served as a multipurpose assembly and dinning hall which on the 10th of March 2024 calling for immediate intervention.

Some of the items donated include a deep freezer, stabilizer, four ice chests, three bags of sugar, two bags of beans and a bag of gari amounting to GHS 15,000.

The items donated to the school according to Lawyer Siddique were some of the pressing needs as indicated in a proposal submitted to the association.

The delegation was led by the Principal State Attorney, Lawyer Saeed Shakur, representing the GBA President.

The headmaster of the school, Banongwie Emmanuel on behalf of staff and Parent Teacher Association of the school applauded the GBA for the timely intervention.

He assured the association that the items received would be used judiciously.

However, the president of the association called on benevolent organizations and institutions to follow suite and support the school to enable it to get back to its normal normal functioning capacity.


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