Upper West Middle League Begins with Thrilling Goalless Draw

The season is drawing to a close with the commencement of the middle league, featuring six clubs that advanced from three initial groups.

A total of 23 teams begun the season across these three groups, with the top two teams from each group securing a spot in the middle league.

These qualifying clubs are regarded as the best from each group, and bookmakers are predicting this middle league to be one of the most exciting yet.

The middle league kicked off with an intense goalless draw between two rising teams, Wa Sore Nante and Malima FC.

The enthusiastic atmosphere suggests that this year’s middle league in the Upper West Region will excel in both attendance and quality of play.

Wa Sore Nante soccer team advanced from Zone 2, while Malima FC qualified from Zone 1.

The draw positions both clubs favorably for potential qualification to the Division One League.

Notable attendees included the Upper West Regional Minister Hon. Stephen Yakubu, along with other prominent football figures from the region.


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