The Chairman of the Jirapa Municipal Youth Association (JMYA) a pro development youth group, Jude Korbieh, has said that the association could have played a much more pivotal role in insuring that justice is served in the gruesome slaying of the Chief Executives Officer and owner of the Royal Cosy Safari Resort Eric Johnson a son of the Jirapa area, especially that “for some strange reasons” the case is being transferred from the Way High Court to a court in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

Reports indicate that at a hearing on the case on Wednesday, 22nd of May, 2024, lead counsel for three suspects standing trail for the murder of Mr. Johnson tendered in a letter purported to be coming from the Chief Justice transferring the Way High Court to a court in Kumasi to the surprise of most people from Jirapa, a situation Mr. Korbieh finds strange and that if JMYA was up and doing such occurrences could have been salvaged.

He added that lackadaisical attitude of the Jirapa youth in paying keener interest in the case and being a part of the justice process could have averted the said transfer which is said to be as a result of one of the defendants application to the Chief Justice.

Mr. Korbieh eulogized the role Mr. Johnson has played in putting the Jirapa area, the Upper West Region and indeed Ghana in the limelight and he deserves better than this especially that he has put up a state of the art safari park and resort and hotel which is arguably one of the best in country which offers both direct and indirect employment to several people especially the youth.

He said numerous people have benefited from his philanthropic deeds and other development projects, some of which have been completed with others ongoing and others in the pipeline and that he deserves better treatment especially that he is a statesman and because of his stature both home and internationally.

Mr. Korbieh is urging the youth and positive thinking who have the development Jirapa, the Upper West Region and Ghana at heart to come together to the needful and also as a tribute to Mr. Johnson and that “it is better late than never”.


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