Former Bechem United FC’s goal poacher, Hafiz Konkoni, has made a donation to the Home Radio Chenging Lives programme as part of his support to his community.

Konkoni who now plies his trade in the Maghreb region with Libya side Olympic Azzaweya supported the life impacting radio programme with an undisclosed amount of money.

Hafiz Konkoni, a native of Wa and a former striker of Wa Yasin FC, carved a niche for himself earning him a move to Tanzania to ply his trade.

His scoring exploits earned him a call up to the national team.

His recent donation to Home Radio’s Changing Lives programme adds up to a number of donations he has made in the

past few weeks which include donation of jerseys and footballs to Dala Camp football club in Suuriyiri in Wa, donation of same to Upper West Youth footballers association, donation of jersey bibs, nets, footballs and an undisclosed amount of money to Oruma Stars, donation of fifteen (15) bags of cement to BAHASS Foundation, and donation of bibs to Fallahia Weekends Training, donation of jerseys to Cena Camp at Mangu in Wa in the Upper West Region.


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