By Fidelis A. Da-uri
Jirapa Municipal Assembly marked a momentous occasion on December 6th as it commemorated the 39th Farmers Day Celebration at Sabuli, an event aimed at acknowledging the relentless dedication and invaluable contributions of farmers towards the growth and sustenance of the Municipality and the nation at large.
The National Farmers’ Day in Ghana is an annual celebration of farmers and fishermen, observed on the first Friday of December. On Farmers’ Day, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture honors with special awards to deserving farmers and fishermen based on their practices and output.
Under the theme “Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security and Resilience,” the event witnessed the presence of dignitaries including the Municipal Chief Executive, Municipal Coordinating Director, Municipal Agricultural Director, Municipal Divisional Police Command, Chiefs, Elders, Heads of Departments, Assembly Members, the Media, and enthusiastic members of the public.
Hon. Nicholas Soyiri, the Jirapa Municipal Chief Executive, lauded the industrious farmers for their unwavering commitment to nourishing the Municipality. He emphasized the government’s concerted efforts in enhancing agricultural development, citing deliberate policy interventions and incentives aimed at motivating farmers to contribute more effectively to agriculture development. Honorable Nicholas Soyiri emphasized the theme’s relevance in combating persistent challenges like post harvest losses, making “Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security and Resilience” an imperative focus.
Following the festivities, Mr. Tengan Bayuo, the Municipal Best Farmer, expressed his happiness at finally clinching the title of best farmer after several attempts. Mr. Bayuo attributed his success to diversified crop cultivation and diligent application of best practices shared by extension officers. His exceptional 56-hectare cultivation of sorghum stood out, reaping commendable yields. He extended gratitude to the Municipal Agriculture Development Unit for their supervision and nomination.
Diversity marked the awards ceremony as farmers received accolades in various categories including best soybeans farmer, groundnuts, first and second runners-up, best women farmer, and best promising farmer. The awards ranged from tricycles, motorbikes, bicycles, knapsack sprayers, agrochemicals, fertilizers, certificates, to essential tools like cutlasses, Wellington boots, bars of soap, among others.
The event underscored the significance of acknowledging and supporting the agricultural sector’s invaluable contributors, fostering an environment conducive to sustainable food security and resilience in the Jirapa Municipality.
The Farmers Day celebration stands as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of Ghana’s farming community, illuminating the path toward a prosperous agricultural landscape for the nation’s future.


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