Residents of Gyanvuuri community in the Jirapa Municipality of the Upper West Region have accused the Municipal Chief Executive of Jirapa, Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri of neglecting the community. According to them the MCE is yet to step his foot into Gyanvuuri ever since he was appointed.

Lamenting on the issue, the residents raised concern about inadequate social amenities in the community which need urgent attention.

The residents say they need a dam for dry season farming since most of them are farmers who are usually jobless after the rainy season.

They further said some sections of the community were connected to the national grid and appealed to the municipal assembly to extent electricity to the other sections that were left out.

The residents also mentioned that, the community is in dire need of Kindergarten block, adding that their kids sit under trees to learn and it is affecting their education.

With the above reasons they believe that the MCE could have done something for them, if he had visited the community.

Responding to the allegation, the MCE Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri said that the community members will be unfair to say he has never visited their area before.

According to the MCE, he visited the Gyanvuuri community on a number of occasions, stating that when part of the Gyanvuuri primary school fell, he went to the community with the assemblyman and some officers from the Jirapa Municipal assembly.

He also mentioned that he visited Vinving electoral area during their end of year get together.

Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri said he is aware of the community’s challenges but roam he said was not build in a day. ‘’ I cannot believe some community members are saying they have never seen me in the Gyanvuuri community before’’.


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