A team from the European Union and the World Bank has inspected the progress of work on ongoing they have sponsored in the Jirapa Municipality and Daffiama, Busei, Issa District in the Upper West Region.

The projects include the upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance of over 208 kilometers of roads of which 205 kilometers have been completed representing 98 percent of work done, with the scope of work consisting of earth works, provision of drainages and road signage.

Other projects include the rehabilitation of selected markets, community social intervention programmes, environmental upgrade and the provision of solar powered water systems for some health facilities costing over GHS 96 million made up of a grant from the European Union and being administered under a World Bank Trust Fund.

The contract being executed messers Memphis Metropolitan Limited, the contractor, are working on notable projects such as the Jirapa – Gbare road, Jirapa – Kunsocla – Nambeg roads the Tizza and Jirapa markets among other projects.

The Municipal Chief Executive Officer of the Jirapa Municipality, Hon. Nicholas Soyiri and the District Chief Executive Officer for the Daffiama, Busei, Issa District were on site with the team to inspect the projects and asses at first hand the technicalities involved.

They were briefed to satisfaction on the project whilst addressing their concerns.

Both the Chief Executives and the team were complementary of each other in pushing the project to its existing stage although it started after schedule with the contractors promising to be on schedule on the agreed time of June, 2025.

The Chief Executives appealed to the contractors to consider executing some minor projects outside the contract as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to which they assented to.


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