It is well known, the importance of agriculture especially that it is the mainstay of livelihood in this area with over 70% of the populace involved in it, directly or indirectly.

Though beneficial, it comes with a number of bottlenecks with financing being one of the critical hindrances.

Farm lands have to be prepared, farm inputs acquired, labour sort, and all these logistics critical to farming is are not readily available to the average rural farmer.

The Jirapa Cooperative Credit Union has stepped in to support some ten farmer groups with a membership of not less than 30 farmers to access credit facilities of between GHS 200.0 and GHS 2,000.0 per member for the purposes of funding ploughing, acquisition of seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals among other critical inputs need for effective farming.

According to the Manager of the Jirapa Cooperative Credit Union, Humphrey Mumuni a total number of eight farmer groups have so far been met on familiarization tours where they introduced their products and how they are beneficial to the farmer, the community and the union.

Some of these farmer groups include Issa, Chapuri and Babili where they were trained and accounts were opened for them and were also aided to mobilize savings.

Mr. Mumuni says so far, one group has satisfied the criteria to access the loan facility with the rest yet to satisfy the terms and conditions for onward disbursement.

The Jirapa Cooperative Credit Union has been serving its members since its inception in the year 1955 with the manager explaining that the group serves as collateral especially for defaulting members and members who have acquired loans have a six month timeframe to offset their loans with a three month grace period for repayment.


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