The Jefiiri community through the initiative of the community has put up a permanent structure to serve the purpose of a Community based Health Planning Services (CHPS) Antenatal Care unit (ANC).

Through a community action plan, the structure was put up with a work force three made up of a Registered General Nurse, Community Health Nurse, a Nutritionist.

Although the facility is an ANC unit it still serves as a point of call for emergency health situations.

It is the intention of the community to make this structure into a full fledged health facility.

Shedding light on the project Madam Bagbiele Juliana and Madam Natie Anastasia both staff of the unite have commended the community for the project which is estimated at 400 cedis and are urging all well wishers to support the project.

The place in urgent need of electricity means of transportation and potable water.

It is capable of handling 15 to 20 pregnant women at a time.


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