The Officer In-Charge of the Tizza Health Centre, Bureenaa Fidelis has said experts have identified the reported skin disease in Tizza at the beginning of the year as scabies. According to him although the disease is at its all time high in recent years, it is treatable.

Mr. Fidelis says the disease is transmitted through body contact and contact through contaminated surfaces. He added that most of the reported cases can be traced to people who have recently come from the southern part of Ghana and people who have been to mining sites.

On his part, the Municipal Health Promotion of the Ghana Health Service in the Jirapa Municipality Ziedor Richard advised that people keep extremely high sense of hygiene by taking regular baths and washing of their clothes. He said the categories of people vulnerable to the disease are the aged, people living with disability and people with low immunity.

Kaara-ib Christopher, the Municipal Disease Control Officer added that the statistics available to the Municipality indicates that the reported skin disease is at its highest point in the past three years.


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