Evangelist Dag Heward -Mills has offered free medical services and donated assorted items during a crusade at Tumu where others received healing.
In collaboration with the Ghana Health Service, the Healing Jesus campaign team screened and offered free medical services with medicines to the people, where they shared mats, cutlasses and clothes to the people.

Evangelist Heward-Mills begun his ministration at 7:30 pm at a parked Tumu community center for about three hours, where he led the thousands of people in a prayer for the Tumu town,the people, the church and the patrons for their heartfelt desires using the name of Jesus Christ.

The Evangelist, asked the patrons to believe in Jesus , “As Jesus is a healer and nobody has been able to do the things Jesus did”.
Preaching to the large crowd further , he said, tonight is your night, ask Jesus to forgive you your sins, “Please forgive me all my sins and wash away my sins with the blood of Jesus, tonight I receive Jesus Christ”.
He encouraged the people to be truthful as liars could not go to heaven, no killer could go to heaven and needed to wash their sins with the blood of Jesus.

“What can wash your sins is the blood of Jesus, tonight if you open your heart, Jesus will wash your sins, today I want to pray for everybody who wants his sins to be washed away,”He said.

Persons with sight problems , hearing challenges, walking difficulty and terminal health conditions were all offered special prayers meant to heal them. Those he prayed for and touched testified that they were healed. The crusade took place under the theme: ‘ Healing Jesus campaign’.

Bishop Joseph Adjei ,the Crusade Director ,in an interview with the said Life is about humanity, the people needed help, if you have something to offer you give out, you don’t wait till they die.
He said, It explains why as part of the healing Jesus campaign, the Church distributed over two thousand mats, over a thousand plastic buckets, over 500 cutlasses, assorted clothes to categories of persons from far and near in the Sissala East who patronise the crusade. “We also provided free medical services to the people where various illnesses were treated with others referred for attention apart from those that were healed” .

The Church once in a while goes to the hinterlands and supports the people there as a healthy nation is an advancing nation. “People need help and as you support the people they advance in everything that they do”.
Explaining why the Church decided to come to Tumu, Bishop Adjei said “Coming to Tumu was difficult as we burst tyres on the way, welded so many broken parts and fueling was not easy but the Bishop chose to come here”.

The crusade displayed and mounted huge speakers at the forecourt of the Tumu community center where closed to five thousand persons stood to listen Evangelist Dag Heward –Mills.
The campaign headed to Lawra, Jirapa with Wa as the final stop.


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