The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) has expressed alarm at the recent surge in job scams in the country.

It says fifteen cases have been reported to the cybercrime security incident reporting points within the past two weeks with victims loosing over GHS 124, 000.00, a situation it deems alarming.

In a statement, the CSA is cautioning the unsuspecting public against these scammers who ply their trade through the net, using SMSs, emails and platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

The statement further explained that these scammers posing as recruiters engage their victims through the mentioned channels by offering them high-paying jobs that require minimum work.

The victims, the statement said are then directed to an in bedded link, where they are given job tasks where they are paid up to GHS 200.00 on completing the tasks.

It goes further to say the victims are directed to deposit money in order to get additional tasks.

The CSA is however, urging the public to be wary of unsolicited messages and emails or all.

It is also urging the public to be cautious of high-paying jobs that require minimal work efforts.

The public should also lookout for these messages with poor grammar and spelling and unprofessional communications practices and should endeavor to contact the official websites of the companies offering the jobs.

The CSA is also urging the general public to look out for such suspicious recruiters and report to their outfit.



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