The Municipal Chief Executive for Jirapa in the Upper West Region, Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri has said that if political campaigns were all about money; the current Member of Parliament for Jirapa Constituency, Cletus Seidu Dapilah would not be in Parliament.

The Jirapa MCE who picked a form to contest the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) parliamentary primaries made the comments when the host of Jirapa Fm’s ‘The political Sight’ programme Tahiru Osuman Kaapore asked him whether he was financially fit to sponsor his campaign going into the contest.

Lawyer Nicholas with a smile said “I was not expecting you to ask me whether I have enough money to go into the race, now it looks as if a poor person cannot join the political train; or I am lying?

He further stated that politics should not be about who is having money, humanity is part of politics. Humanity is part, he stressed. He mentioned that in the 2020 general election if it was about money, “Mr. Paul Derigobaa and Mr. Cletus Seidu Dapilah will not be able to win the seat to go to parliament.”

“What I have witness in 2020 elections; if winning election was about money Cletus would not be able to win the 2020 election’’ all people in Jirapa have seen how the elections went, But I will not lie money is also important in election.

The Jirapa NPP parliamentary candidate hopeful during the show launched a fund raising campaign to support his campaign. He called on the general public, sympathizers and supporters of the New Patriotic Party to donate a token to support his campaign.

You can donate to support Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri campaign through the MOMO number 024 3652 656.

Money is a necessary component of any democracy: it enables political participation, campaigning and representation. However, if not effectively regulated, it can undermine the integrity of political processes and institutions and jeopardize the quality of democracy.


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