Road users in Boo, a community in the Lawra Municipality live in a state of insecurity because a bridge linking that community to the Lambussie District is in a deplorable state due to erosion, posing danger to road users plying that route for the last year r and half.

According to the regent of the Boo traditional area, Arcadius Gyie, after several failed attempts to get the bridge fixed it still remains as such and still at mercy of the elements, causing it to still deteriorate further.

He added that letters have been written to the Municipal Chief Executive which only resulted in him paying a visit to the area to assess the situation, the only action which has so far been taken till date, leaving the bridge and its users to its their fate.

Speaking to Jirapa FM, Mr. Mathew Gyie, a native of the area lamented about the neglect of the community when it comes to much needed development projects.

He added that the lack of essential amenities such as water and electricity are a big challenge to the people of Boo.

Speaking on the water situation in the area he mentioned that the size and population of the Boo community cannot boast of even five functioning boreholes which is a great concern to them.

He added that more than half of the community is not connected to the national grade which affect them in many ways including doing business.


He therefore appealed to the government, civil society groups, NGO’s and well wishers to come to their aid.



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