Ameytuz Jir, a talented musician from Ashaiman, Ghana, was born and raised in the vibrant city.

He hails from the Upper West Region and his cultural heritage has deeply influenced his brand of music.

Growing up, he was surrounded by the rhythms and melodies of highlife and reggae, which would later become the foundation of his unique sound.

Ameytuz Jir’s musical journey began in 2002, when he started understanding the rudiments of music.

He began performing in the year 2007 as a rapper, drawing inspiration from legendary artistes like KRS One, Talib Kweli, and Kanye West.

As he honed his craft, he developed a distinct sound that blended his cultural heritage with contemporary styles.

His breakthrough moments came when he shared the stage with renowned artistes like Manifest, Samini, and Rocky Dawuni.

Ameytuz Jir’s music is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and societal issues, drawing inspiration from reading and staying updated on national issues, which he skillfully weaves into his lyrics.

His creative process is intuitive, often relying on dreams and meditation to craft his songs.

A talented engineer, he has worked with various artistes, bringing his unique perspective to their music.

Throughout his career, Ameytuz Jir has overcome challenges and achieved significant milestones.

He has transitioned from being an artiste to an engineer, working with other artistes whilst honing his skills.

Ameytuz Jir’s ultimate goal is to convey hope, education, information, and entertainment through his music, leaving a lasting impact on his audience.

Ameytuz Jir continues to create and inspire, positively impacting the world and spreading messages of hope and unity. With his talent, dedication, and passion, Ameytuz Jir is a shining star in the music industry and is leaving an indelible mark on the world.


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